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Facebook, Instagram & Twitter - What is best for film promotion?

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

As the production of a film wraps up, there is a final cut and the poster and other marketing designs locked, the process of marketing starts. As top filmmakers keep spending a ton of money on traditional marketing, social media is becoming the top contender for marketing platforms of films.

With more than 50% of our online time spent on engaging with content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, social media offers one of the most effective marketing tools available for films.

These are far-reaching platforms, which allow film marketing a level of precision and efficiency that their traditional counterparts can never provide. Audience tailoring that is fixing your target audience based on age, gender, place, language, interests can go a long way in creating that specific buzz a film needs and maximizing audience reach in a specific demographic.

Facebook has the highest number of active users, and Twitter is great for networking and engaging with your audience. But Instagram is considered to be the best choice for film marketing because of its visuals-first format and constant popularity with the young generation. Sharing behind-the-scenes footage, uploading reels regularly, maintaining a consistent and engaging feed, hashtag marketing, connecting and engaging with the target audience, building the hype till release, and sharing audience reviews post-release, all these help in reaching that marketing goal in a cost-effective manner.


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