Categories & Awards

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1. More than 30 Categories to do justice with all the submissions.

2. Exclusive review for the winner's of following title winners,
a) Best Feature Film
b) Best Short Film
c) Best Script

3. Laurels and specially designed certificate for the winners.

4. Laurels and selection certificate for the projects who made it till official selection.

5. Special shout outs for the winners on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

6. Metal trophy for the winners (need to order separately).

7. Metal medallion for the official selections (need to order separately).

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  1. Best Drama Short

  2. Best Comedy Short

  3. Best Horror Short

  4. Best Thriller Short

  5. Best Documentary Short

  6. Best Experimental Short

  7. Best Romantic Short

  8. Best Debut Short

  9. Best Student Short

  10. Best LGBT Short

  11. Best Sci-Fi Short

  12. Best Music Video

  13. Best Animation Short

  14. Best Web Series

  15. Best Drama Feature

  16. Best Comedy Feature

  17. Best Horror Feature

  18. Best Thriller Feature

  19. Best Documentary Feature

  20. Best Experimental Feature

  21. Best Romantic Feature

  22. Best Debut Feature

  23. Best Student Short

  24. Best LGBT Feature

  25. Best Sci-Fi Feature

  26. Best Editor

  27. Best Director

  28. Best DOP

  29. Best Actor Male

  30. Best Actor Female

  31. Best Animation Short

  32. Best Web Series

  33. Best Screenplay Short

  34. Best Screenplay Feature

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